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We remove furniture from our catalogue as we constantly update with new designs each year. Our offers feature furniture no longer in our catalogue for 2019. We have stock of pieces to make these items which we will sell for reduced prices. The offer items are available in all the Oxley’s colours and will only be finished to order so normal production times apply. Please contact us for prices.

Lounge Chairs, Sofas & Ottomans


Riviera Double Sofa

Dining Tables

C11. Oxley's Centurian 1220 Mosaic Round Table

Centurian 1220 Mosaic Top Table

Centurian 920 Square Table

Centurian Square Table

Offer Settings


Acanthus 1220 Table with 4 Acanthus Armchairs

Bordeaux 1220 & Armchairs

Bordeaux 1220 Table with 4 Bordeaux Armchairs


Bordeaux 2140 Table with 6 Bordeaux Armchairs


Bretain 1530 Table with 6 Bretain Armchairs

Colonial White Washed Table With Quest Chairs Finished In Mocha (2)

Reclaimed Teak Table with 6 Quest Chairs

Vienna 1530 Round Table With Vienna Armchairs (2)

Vienna 1530 Table with 6 Vienna Armchairs