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Elegant | Sustainable | Timeless
Oxley's trade membership gives business professionals access to our photographic library of past projects, CAD files, PDF documentation, our trade discount structure and direct support by the Oxley's team from the initial design stage to after delivery.

How it works

1. Fill in an application

Fill out our brief application form with relevant information needed to set up a trade account.

2. Await confirmation

An Oxley's team member will be in touch to confirm that you are now an Oxley's associate and give you access to the information you need.

3. Start creating your vision

Using our CAD files and team support, members can start bringing to life their unique and bespoke visions.

Your Vision

We create your exact vision. We help you to extend the beauty of the indoor environment to the outdoors. Each order is specifically made for each location, in any colour you want, perfectly matching the environment it was designed for. We make our cushions from any fabric house you choose to specify. We pride ourselves on making bespoke, luxury outdoor furniture that is perfect for the environment it was made for. Designed by you, made by us.

Practical Considerations

Our furniture is built to last generations and is of course impervious to the year round elements wherever in the world it lives. It is beautiful, easy to move, incredibly durable, and requires no maintenance.

Oxley’s also gives a world beating warranty on everything we make for you.

Exclusive trade benefits

Trade discount

Enjoy exclusive discounts on trade orders from our range of collections.

Bespoke to you

We can make bespoke sizes and designs to create outdoor furniture that fits exactly with your space.


We can make cushions from any fabric house, specified by you to create the exact look you wish.

Order support

Our dedicated team are available to assist you with any questions or ideas you have from initial thoughts to after delivery.


Our dedicated service teams are available to assist with inquiries about your order status, deliveries, returns, or any other order-related matters.


Our industry leading warranty allows you to purchase the exact furniture for your clients without the risk.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Can you leave Oxley's furniture outside all year?

    Yes, the way in which Oxley’s furniture is manufactured means that it can be left outside all year, every year no matter where in the world it is situated. We make our luxury outdoor furniture to last generations with no maintenance required.

  • Are outdoor cushions waterproof?

    All Oxley’s cushions are suitable for outdoor use and are treated in a way that makes them highly resistant to water, UV rays, chlorine, mould and dirt. Some fabrics are more water repellent than others which we can advise on.

  • What is the delivery time?

    Due to every order being made specifically for each customer, our online orders come with a 4-6 week lead time for our UK customers. Delivery outside the UK is subject to delivery location.

  • What is the unique Oxley's guarantee?

    After 30 years’ of manufacturing we know how enduringly tough our beautiful furniture is. It is made to last – and that is a promise. Which is why we offer Oxley’s home furniture customers a simple, powerful guarantee: we will buy back any piece of furniture you’ve bought from us within 10 years of you buying it, for half its original price*. We will then reprocess and recycle your furniture, making it new again so it can enjoy a second life in another home. For us, this is sustainability in action and we are very proud to be able to work in this way, doing our bit to help protect the environment. For you it means you can own the furniture you want, risk free.

    Our unique guarantee also gives you the opportunity to offset half the cost of your original set against a new set of Oxley’s furniture, allowing you to update the style, colour or size of your furniture as your circumstances change.

    *Terms and conditions
    This guarantee only applies to: original Oxley’s customers who have owned their Oxley’s furniture for 12 months or more (the original purchaser must be registered as an Oxley’s customer). Only furniture, not cushions, and not sales items. The net price of purchase and not any purchase tax (VAT). If you’d like us to collect your furniture, we will at an agreeable rate.

  • Why is Oxley's outdoor furniture so expensive?

    Our luxury furniture is sustainable, guaranteed for life, weatherproof and made unique to each customer. Therefore, the old saying “you get what you pay for in life” is particularly appropriate with Oxley’s. It is more expensive than most aluminium furniture, this is because building furniture designed to last generations is a complex activity that requires great skill and attention to detail. It is not a process that can be rushed or done with cheap components. If you consider the price of our luxury outdoor furniture as an investment over, say 25 years, it is extremely good value for money.

  • How to clean aluminium outdoor furniture?

    The most effective way to clean aluminium outdoor furniture is with some warm water, car shampoo, a soft brush and a soft rag. This combination is the best way to get unwanted dirt and grime off your furniture. Luxury aluminium furniture should be maintenance free so there should be minimal cleaning required each year.

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Made uniquely for you

We specialise in making our furniture to customers requirements. Call us to turn your ideas into reality.


Oxley’s 10 Year Buy Back Guarantee

In order to further our sustainability efforts, we will buy any piece of furniture you have bought from us within 10 years of you buying it, for half its original price. Terms and conditions apply.