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English Garden Furniture

The story of Oxley's is like that of many businesses. It starts with an idea, a great deal of energy, family support and luck.

Our story starts in 1989 with a group of friends on a walk in the English countryside, sitting to enjoy the view. Our attention turned to the bench on which we were sitting, made of solid iron, comfortable and perfect for its surroundings. According to the commemorative plaque, the bench had been there for 116 years. However, it looked like it was good as new, whilst it was clear that it was going to outlive us all. That one bench got us thinking about the environmental benefits to long lasting outdoor furniture, and so our idea began.

Reviving a classic English tradition

After some serious research, courage is gathered and a site in the beautiful Cotswolds is found. Two years on from that walk, Oxley’s starts business with the idea of reviving the English tradition of making luxury outdoor metal furniture in a sustainable way.
Through the use of recycled aluminium, we were able to create bespoke, luxury garden furniture that is maintenance free and will last for generations.


“We have been incredibly lucky in life. Not only in finding each other, but in creating a business together producing wonderful outdoor furniture that our customers tell us they enormously enjoy year after year”

– Simon and Ginny, Oxley’s Founders.

Thirty years since Oxley’s started and we continue to make the best luxury outdoor furniture in the most sustainable way possible. We are still based in the Cotswolds, an area of England famed for its unspoilt natural beauty, which we can appreciate every day from our factory doors. We make today with the same skill and care as our forefathers, creating luxury outdoor furniture that can be handed down from generation to generation.


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