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For over thirty years we have been making luxury, sustainable garden furniture.

Manufacturing sustainable garden furniture is the essence of what we strive to do as a business. All the aluminium furniture we have ever made has been made from recycled material, it is constructed to last for generations and is (should anyone so wish) easily recyclable again.

Sustainability in Action

By only using recycled aluminium, we save 95% of the energy needed to make new aluminium from Bauxite. Aluminium is probably the most recycled material used in manufacturing today, it is estimated that 75% of this metal that has ever been mined is still in use today.

As a unique demonstration of our commitment to sustainability in the manufacture of our garden furniture, we offer a 10 year buy back guarantee to all our private customers buying for their home.


We are also continually striving to lessen our environmental impact on all other areas of our business. We only purchase recycled packaging, we only work with fabric manufacturers who have strong sustainability commitments and we work hard to lessen our energy needs in our manufacturing processes by continually investing in the newest energy efficient equipment.

When you purchase Oxley’s furniture, you are purchasing something that may well once have been a drinks can or an alloy wheel, but is now a beautiful, extremely robust piece of furniture. Done the Oxley’s way – it will last for generations.

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