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Our Heritage

Outdoor metal furniture has been in the English garden since the industrial revolution in the 18th century.

Oxley's Furniture designs are inspired by traditional English Garden furniture styles rather than today's current fashion for the ubiquitous minimalist look. Our aim has always been to manufacture timelessly elegant, luxury outdoor furniture that will last for generations.

Luxury garden furniture was initially made in wrought iron but as sand casting became more widespread and expert, cast iron took over. This method of pouring liquid iron into moulds, then releasing the solidified casting and attaching it to other castings to create the final object, allowed outdoor furniture to became opulent in the 19th century.


One of the leading purveyors of outdoor furniture at the time was the Coalbrookdale Company of Shropshire, England. A family owned company, founded in 1709, it was famed for its cast iron works. They first made sand-cast iron pots as well as producing parts for steam engines, and in the 1840s the company began developing lines of decorative outdoor furniture. Given its strength and resistance to rust, cast iron was ideal for pieces intended for outdoor use, it could last forever if cared for properly. And since it could be mass-manufactured, it was more economical than wrought iron. Coalbrookdale’s cast iron furniture is viewed as some of the finest and intricate ever made.

Designs with Coalbrookdale roots dating back more than a century are still being produced today. Although not producing any Coalbrookdale designs, Oxley’s Furniture continues this long-standing English tradition of producing the best maintenance free outdoor furniture. Luxury outdoor furniture for customers worldwide.

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Oxley’s 10 Year Buy Back Guarantee

In order to further our sustainability efforts, we will buy any piece of furniture you have bought from us within 10 years of you buying it, for half its original price. Terms and conditions apply.