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Six tips for choosing your luxury hotel outdoor furniture


Oxley’s Furniture has worked with some amazing hotels around the world, providing them with luxury garden furniture for all types of outdoor areas, meaning we have a great deal of specification experience from the manufacturer’s perspective. Here are 6 tips for purchasing luxury hotel outdoor furniture:

Define the environment you wish to create.
The luxury hotel outdoor furniture that you choose has a big impact on the theme and environment you are trying to create. Do you want to reflect the hotel interior and the themes that are present outside or do something completely different? For example, if you have a classical theme within your hotel then you might want to think about luxury garden furniture that has a classic and elegant design in neutral tones. Whereas if your interior is contemporary and modern, you could reflect this with contemporary designs and bright colours. The colours you choose have a big effect on the hotel theme, neutral tones will create a calming effect whereas bright colours give more of a warm and welcoming feel. Matching the environment of your interior to your exterior will help create a seamless flow throughout.

Consider weather impact.
What sort of weather do you get? For some parts of the world where it is sunny year-round, this may not be an issue. But if you are based in a part of the world that gets hurricanes, for example, then you are going to need furniture that is easily moveable at short notice. If you get a lot of snow and rain, then you are going to want furniture that is unaffected by these elements. Very damp winter conditions for instance promote algae growth on wood.

Are you prepared to keep up regular maintenance of your luxury hotel outdoor furniture or do you need something that is maintenance free and can be left outside all year? The answer to this question will heavily impact the type of furniture you choose. Some materials, like aluminium, are completely maintenance free and can be left outside all year, every year. Whereas others, like iron, are likely to rust easily and therefore needs routine maintenance to keep it looking good.

Ease of movement.
It is important to consider how often you will be moving your luxury garden furniture around as this will impact the ease of movement. Do you need to be able to quickly move your furniture when extreme weather conditions arise, or do you need to easily clear the outdoor space for an event? If so, you may want to choose furniture that is easily moveable. Whereas if you plan to keep your furniture in situ all year round then something that is heavier might be better and has the added benefit that it won’t be moved around by guests.

What do your guests expect?
Firstly your guests want maximum comfort and luxury. Then, what sort of style and design will they be looking for from you? If you have an older customer base, they may want something that is timelessly elegant and has a classic design. Whereas the younger generation may want something that is trendier and more colourful.

Talk to manufacturers early in the specification process.
It is important to start thinking about contacting manufacturers as soon as possible. Luxury hotel outdoor furniture takes time to manufacture and when ordering on a large scale it can be a long process to get each piece made to your exact requirements. The earlier you talk to manufacturers the more chance there is that you will get the solution that is just right for your project.


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