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Top Eco-Friendly Furniture Companies to Help you Create a More Sustainable Home


With record numbers of us seeking to improve our homes and gardens, now is the perfect time to consider how to do so in a more sustainable way. From organic mattresses, to cast aluminium garden furniture manufacturers, here’s our guide to the best eco-friendly furniture companies to help you create a more sustainable home.

1. Timothy Oulton
With rich fabrics and unique designs, Timothy Oulton’s furniture collections are synonymous with decadent living. The brand furthered this concept when it launched its Noble Souls collection, a curated range of furniture designed to honour traditional craftsmanship and natural materials. The sofa in the collection was the first to use 100 percent natural vegetable dyes, feathers, and linens, proving that luxury furniture doesn’t have to compromise on sustainability.

Credit: Timothy Oulton, Noble Souls Facebook

2. Oxley’s
Our luxury aluminium garden furniture is made with enduring craftsmanship to last a lifetime. Each piece of our furniture is sand cast and finished by our skilled workers in the heart of the Cotswolds, bespoke to customer requirements. Our sustainable outdoor furniture is made from recycled aluminium, which cuts down on the energy needed to produce new aluminium by 95%. Plus, all our furniture is made to last for generations, making it doubly sustainable.

Oxley’s Artemis 8 Seater Set

3. Twisted Loom
Founded by traditional upholsterer, Charlotte Cochrane, Twisted Loom creates bespoke and distinct furniture handcrafted with a conscience. Its furniture range is made to last and includes footstools, ottomans, and benches. The company uses beautifully crafted British materials, including wools from one of the UK’s oldest mills based in Yorkshire, to reduce its impact on the environment and support time-honoured skills.

Credit: Twisted Loom Facebook

4. Naturalmat
We spend roughly 26 years of our lives sleeping, so it makes sense that we take care when choosing what we sleep on. Naturalmat is a company based in Devon that handcrafts organic mattresses using natural fibres that can be reused and will eventually biodegrade at the end of their life. The wool used in its mattresses is sourced from local organic farms, demonstrating that company’s commitment to sustainability. Naturalmat also handcrafts a range of beds for adults and children using natural materials to create environmentally friendly pieces of furniture.

Credit: Naturalmat Facebook

5. Gaze Burvill
Putting sustainability at the heart of what they do, Gaze Burvill offers a premium range of outdoor furniture and kitchens made from oak and chestnut sourced from sustainably managed forests. The woods used can also be steam-bent to give strong curves, maximising comfort.

Credit: Gaze Burvill Facebook

For more advice on how to incorporate sustainable living into your everyday life, read our step-by-step guide to creating a sustainable garden.

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