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Decorating Outdoor Furniture With Neutrals


The very ethos of Oxley’s furniture is that our customers can have exactly the luxury garden furniture that they want, choosing any colour of furniture and any fabric that suits them best. In order to illustrate this, we experiment with colourful outdoor furniture and fabrics in our photography to show the wonderful and exciting options available. However, the majority of the furniture specified by our customers is actually made in more neutral colours, and we can see why. Neutrals can create a really relaxing and calming environment that looks classy and will never go out of style.

Use textures

Sticking to one neutral scheme but adding in a variety of different textures and materials creates a stylish and interesting look that adds a different dimension to the space. Keeping the simplicity of the neutral tones with the added intrigue of different textures and feels, really brings a neutral space to life.

Small pops of colour

If you don’t want your space to be fully neutral but are not feeling bold enough to have a statement colour, adding a small pop of colour can really elevate a space. For example, adding some colour scatter cushions to your luxury outdoor furniture is a great way to introduce a small pop of colour. Accessories like these can also be easily changed with the seasons or to keep up with current colour trends.

Luxury Garden Furniture
Oxley’s Luxor 6 Seater Set

Black accents

Adding black statement pieces to a light and airy room can feel a little daunting but it adds edge and a wonderful contrast to a light and bright space. It takes the neutral look to another level and doesn’t have to be a big statement wall, just a few small accessories or a small accent will do the trick. A touch of black is a welcome addition, it is grounding, adds depth and draws the eye.

Calming shades

Opting for calming shades of grey, beige or white can effortlessly create a space that feels welcoming and comfortable. Perfect for creating an atmosphere in your home or garden that feels warm and cosy. These neutral tones will also never go out of style, allowing you to construct a timeless space that will always look good.

Oxley’s Barrington 8 Seater Set

Cool vs warm

Deciding whether to go for cool or warm neutrals depends on the type of atmosphere you are trying to create. A warm neutral has a yellow, orange or pink undertone and creates a space that is exciting and bold. Bringing a fun, natural energy to a space. A warm neutral includes colours such as beige, tan and gold. A cool neutral has a blue, purple or green undertone and creates a calming feel. These colours are synonymous with nature such as grey, taupe and ivory.

Oxley’s will always be an advocate for colour and colourful outdoor furniture. However, we also appreciate how elegant and luxurious our luxury garden furniture looks in neutral colours. Having a base of neutral colours creates a space that is light and airy and feels welcoming to all. With a few additions of texture and pops of colour, this brings to life a truly wonderful space with interest and depth.

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