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How to Choose the Perfect Garden Bench


Choosing the perfect luxury garden bench for your garden can be a tough decision to make. Due to the flexibility of a garden bench, they are a very practical and popular piece of luxury garden furniture. Because of this, there is a wide variety to choose from and with every garden being different, it can be a difficult choice. Perhaps the best way to choose is to firstly be absolutely sure how you wish to use the bench.

Viewpoint or Focal Point

Do you want to place your luxury garden bench in the garden to be a focal point or a viewpoint? For instance, in classic English garden design an imposing bench was placed so that it accentuated the view from the grand house, a technique still used in garden design today. In this instance the aesthetics and design of the bench are more important that the comfort, as it is meant to draw the eye as a focal point. Alternatively, the bench can be used as a viewing point. Placed in a position from which someone sitting on it can appreciate the garden and view in full.

Boundary or Enclosed

If the bench is to be a view point it is most likely to be placed on the boundary of the garden, such as a hedge or a wall of the house. In this way when sitting on it you can look out over the garden to the view. If the garden is overflowing with borders, flowers, foliage and scent it may be best to place it right in the middle in a spot amongst the flowers and foliage. This works particularly well if it is a sunken garden. In this instance sitting on your luxury garden bench gives the appreciation that you are a part of the garden.

Stone Bench

Static or Seasonal

If the bench is to be principally used as a focal point it will remain in the same position all year round. However, if the bench is movable this allows for a change in location to follow the sun around the garden throughout the seasons. When the winter sun arrives and offers a brief stint of warmth to your garden, you are going to want to optimise this with its placement directly in the sun. Different from the high summer heat when it is likely to be in the shade to offer a cool relief. An easily moveable bench can make the most of these changes throughout the year.

Part of a Garden Furniture Setting

A luxury garden bench does not have to be placed in solitary isolation, they can of course be used as part of a table and chairs setting, especially if the furniture is to be placed next to a wall. In the right location it makes sense to have benches along both sides of the table, with armchairs placed at the ends. This can be a nice alternative to dining chairs as a part of your luxury garden furniture set.

Cast Iron Bench

Bench Construction

Once you have made the decision about how the bench is to be used, the next choice to make is the type of luxury garden bench you would like. Each construction material has its advantages and disadvantages.
Stone and marble are the oldest materials for making benches. Beautiful examples have been left from antiquity by the Greeks and Romans. Stone can be carved in a multitude of ways in a large variety of colours. A stone bench makes a perfect solid focal point for a garden and will naturally age overtime. However, a stone bench is immovable once placed in position.

Luxury aluminium garden furniture can be made in endless designs, colours and sizes. They can be used as focal points or spectator points and they can be moved by two people with ease for placing as the seasons change. Aluminium garden benches can also be used as part of a larger furniture set, a maintenance free option for your garden bench.

Oxley’s Aluminium Artemis Bench

benches are made of a natural material and can again be carved and constructed in numerous ways. Unlike stone though, wood left outside is rapidly and heavily affected by the elements. Wooden benches need maintenance each year to continue looking good and they will rot over time. A large wooden bench is also very heavy and therefore difficult to move.
Iron benches have a long history in the English garden. First made in the seventeenth century they have been part of the landscape ever since. If solidly constructed, they will look wonderful outside slowly rusting with age and blending into the natural environment. Iron benches are extremely heavy and certainly cannot be used as part of a furniture set as they are practically immovable.

Once you have chosen the perfect luxury garden bench for your space, it is now just a case of enjoying it year-round with a good book and a cup of coffee. Making the most of your garden and appreciating it throughout the seasons on your luxury garden furniture.

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