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Outdoor furniture trends in 2021


The world is a different place to the one we knew at the beginning of 2020, a ban on travelling and being told to stay home meant we have been spending more time in our homes and gardens. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a serious rise in the need for outdoor furniture, with people wanting to create a little garden oasis of their own to host friends and family. Due to this rise in people buying outdoor furniture, trends in English garden furniture have shifted since last year. So, what are the latest trends for English outdoor furniture in 2021?

Clean lines and shapes.
In contrast to 2020, where English garden furniture was all about the curves, 2021 is all about clean lines and shapes. This will mean rectangular, square tables with straight edges and straight chair backs and arms. An example of this style can be seen in Oxley’s Rissington collection (below) with its use of geometric lines and shapes.

Outdoor furniture that looks like indoor furniture.
The past year has seen us being stuck in our houses and therefore having to open up our gardens to friends and family instead of going out. This need to utilise our outdoor space has led to us blurring the lines between the indoor and the outdoors. By doing this, we are able to create a comforting garden retreat using outdoor sofas, garden rugs, outdoor cushions and potted plants. Bringing the indoors outside for that warm, homely feeling.

Stylish outdoor entertaining sets.
With people unable to go to bars and restaurants, entertaining and socialising is being done from our gardens. Because of this, there has become a need for larger, higher quality garden furniture sets. Finding a beautiful garden furniture set that is both spacious and practical but also looks good, is invaluable for your garden (especially in these unprecedented times). With the added option of an outdoor firepit, you are creating the perfect outdoor dining experience for friends and family – you may not even miss the pub!

Bright colours.
Current trends are now moving away from neutral tones. Whilst neutral tones are always popular, they don’t create a warm and welcoming feel. Cold colours can have a calming effect but with the increase in the use of your outdoor space, the desired effect is one that makes a space feel cosy and comfortable. Hence the switch to bright colours for your outdoor furniture, to liven up those lockdown evenings. If brightly coloured outdoor furniture is too much of a leap, you can use colourful cushions for more of a subtle look whilst still achieving a cosy and comfortable vibe.

Small space solutions.
Just because you have a small garden or balcony does not mean you have to miss out on current English outdoor furniture trends. Small spaces need smart solutions, finding outdoor furniture that is compact yet practical. You want to create a space that is intimate yet comfortable. For example, using a pedestal table that can easily fit two chairs whilst not taking up too much space.

Staycation is the new vacation. 
With the pandemic keeping us home this year, recreating that holiday feel in your garden is more important than ever. Create a holiday getaway with the use of sun loungers for that luxury staycation feeling, lying back and relaxing with your own English garden furniture will have never felt so blissful. For even more of a holiday feel, an outdoor drinks trolley can give you your dream outdoor bar. Easily movable and can be placed in arms reach, meaning you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Garden rooms.
Another big trend of late is garden rooms. People are starting to explore more ways to create additional living spaces and extend their homes further. While this may seem like a big step to make, they are extremely cost-effective, quick to install and suitable for all types of properties. On top of this, they look great and will give you an increased amount of privacy.

English outdoor furniture trends in 2021 are all about creating a space that is warm and welcoming whilst being practical and stylish. The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way in which we socialise and how we spend our free time. Which is why outdoor furniture trends in 2021 are all about creating a space to socialise in style and comfort from your own home.

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