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Oxley's Most Popular Luxury Outdoor Dining Furniture


With 8 very different Oxley’s collections, choosing which of our luxury outdoor dining furniture designs will be right for your environment takes a while. Listed below are some of our most popular designs, with a short explanation of why they are our customers favourites. Highlighting a few standout pieces can hopefully help you in your journey to finding the perfect luxury outdoor furniture.


Our Artemis collection is our most long-lived design, it is a classic Oxley’s collection. The Artemis range is an adaption of the Curule seat that dates back to ancient Rome. The intricate swirling lines of the design are replicated throughout the collection, providing beautiful symmetry n each item. This design creates a truly unique look that combines the ancient world with modern design, something truly individual to race your outdoor space.

Oxley’s Artemis 10 Seater Set


The Sienna range is one of our most popular designs with our customer. Its timeless elegance can suit both classical and contemporary locations which may account for its popularity. Our Sienna armchairs are one of our most sold items due to offering a beautiful and timeless design that doesn’t compromise on adaptability and comfort. The diamond detail can be referenced throughout the whole collection, giving continuity throughout all the items. Each piece can be made in the colour of your choosing, matched with a wide range of fabrics to choose from, making it bespoke to you. Beautifully bespoke luxury outdoor dining furniture for all locations.

Oxley’s Sienna Sofa Set


The Luxor range is truly unique in the world of outdoor furniture. Named after ancient Egypt’s capital city, this design is a symbol of power and elegance. With the use of animal imagery in the lion’s head and claws throughout, it is a truly unique design that adds an element of luxury and class to your outdoor space. With a range of luxury outdoor dining furniture, lounge furniture and accessories you can have a variety of pieces that complement each other and that will elevate your space.

Luxury Garden Furniture
Oxley’s Luxor 6 Seater Set

Oxley’s favourite

As well as including our customers favourite collection, we also thought we would share our favourite range. Designed by Simon Hudson, Managing Director, the Oxley’s stand out is our Scroll collection. Popular within the Oxley’s team and with our customers, this design is intricately detailed and has an air of luxury in each piece. Simon Hudson, managing director says: “Our scroll design encapsulates everything that is special about Oxley’s. Based on an ancient British motif, the Celtic knot, this extremely distinctive design is big, bold and very comfortable”. The Scroll design is popular amongst many for obvious reasons and is available in a variety of pieces.

luxury outdoor dining furniture
Oxley’s Scroll 8 Seater Set

We make all of our furniture unique to each customer, bespoke luxury furniture for all locations. Whilst we have highlighted a few favourites from our range of furniture, we know that it is a very personal choice. From our range of 8 collections, that can be altered to your exact requirements, we know we can create something that suits your specific luxury outdoor furniture needs. For more information view our collections of luxury outdoor furniture.

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