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Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture in the Summer


British summer has officially begun, and the season of BBQs and garden parties is upon us, which means your elegant outdoor furniture will be in high demand. We have put together some tips for keeping your luxury aluminium garden furniture looking fresh all summer long.

Luxury aluminium garden furniture is famously known for being maintenance free and therefore the summer weather is no issue. However, the British weather is unpredictable and there are a few other elements that should be taken into consideration.

Furniture covers
Investing in some high-quality furniture covers is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your elegant outdoor furniture when it isn’t in use. Using furniture covers also means you can leave the cushions on, saving you from bringing them in every time you are not using your furniture. This simple way to protect your furniture also keeps off unwanted mess from birds and insects, so it stays clean ready for use at the last minute.

Oxley’s Furniture Lounger Cover

Umbrella or Awning 
Due to the English weather being so unpredictable and the likely scenario of having rain and sunshine in the same day, having an umbrella or awning is a great way to keep the rain off. This means your luxury aluminium garden furniture stays dry and is ready to use at all times. As an added bonus, an umbrella or awning gives you the option of creating a shaded area. Meaning you can choose between sitting in the shade or basking in the sun, depending on your mood.

Whilst outdoor cushions are treated in a way that makes them extremely resistant to the outdoor elements, we still recommend keeping them covered to keep them clean. Whether you use a furniture cover to do this, bring them inside or keep them under a covered area. You can never be too sure what the weather will do and therefore it is a good idea to keep them in a dry, covered area.

Outdoor Sofa elegant outdoor furniture
Oxley’s Furniture Sienna Sofa and Lounge Chair set

If your luxury garden furniture is not made from aluminium, then it is likely that your furniture will not stand up to long exposure to UV rays, depending on the materials used. For example, wood and plastic can fade in colour or become brittle over time. Therefore, we suggest that some materials are kept in a shaded area to increase their longevity.

If you invest in high quality, elegant outdoor furniture you do not have to worry about protecting your furniture against the elements. Oxley’s furniture is designed to withstand anything that the weather throws at it. However, a furniture cover is a great addition that can be used to deter birds and insects to keep your furniture clean all throughout the summer.

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