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Luxury Outdoor Design & Furniture Trends

The Oxley's Collections


Each collection of luxury design outdoor furniture has a truly unique and interesting design. We create our designs to fit outdoor areas in all parts of the world. Each design offers a different look, suitable for a mix of contemporary and traditional spaces.


Our Artemis design is inspired by the Curule seat dating back to ancient Rome, with the collection being named after the Greek Goddess of hunting. Curule is defined as something that related to the authority of senior magistrates in ancient Rome. The seat was reserved for the highest government dignitaries and was a true symbol of authority. The Curule seat was exemplified by the ‘X’ shape of the legs. The design has since been adapted by many, but the essence of this cross frame has remained.

We have adapted this iconic design to create an armchair that provides spectacular comfort with or without a cushion. The intricate swirling lines of the armchair back are replicated throughout the collection, providing beautiful symmetry in a truly powerful design.

Luxury Garden Furniture
Oxley’s Artemis 2300 Table and Armchairs


The Barrington design was inspired by a detail from an 1872 pen and ink drawing of an herbaceous border by the 19th Century garden designer Gertrude Jekyll. Gertrude Jekyll created hundreds of gardens in the UK, Europe and America with her influence on garden design still being used today.

Our Barrington collection encompasses the true essence of garden in its design, embracing the beauty of the natural landscape. The prominent flower pattern is replicated throughout the design, intended to be at home among the flowerbeds where structured lines and straight edges do not fit. A beautiful example of luxury garden furniture.

Oxley’s Barrington 1000 Table and Dining Chairs


Our Casa collection has a slightly different offering from our other designs. Casa is all about creating beautiful and unique colour combinations, bringing life and colour to your outdoors. Injecting colour to the outdoors has a massive impact on the space and how you feel about it. Using colour to invoke a certain mood and atmosphere is a powerful way to bring life to your luxury garden furniture.

The interwoven weave of the Casa design is prominent throughout each piece, replicated in both the chair back and seat as well as the table top. A very popular design for luxury outdoor furniture that provides comfort for hours on end.

Casa by Oxley’s 4 Seater Set


Our Grande design harks back to the Baroque period of 18th century France, a period that embraces painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts and music. A spectacular example of this period is the Palace of Versailles. The Baroque style aims to evoke emotional states in a truly dramatic way.

The intricately designed Grande collection creates a throne like effect, achieved through sand casting, and provides a truly spectacular luxury outdoor furniture design. A truly grand collection for magnificent locations.

luxury garden furniture sets
Oxley’s Grande 2980 Table with Dining Chairs and Armchairs


This design is named after ancient Egypt’s capital, Luxor. The ancient Egyptians used a lot of animal imagery in their temples and artefacts, including big cats such as lions. Lions were often linked to royalty as a symbol of kingship with their appearance showing strength and ferocity, all qualities that a Pharaoh would want to mimic.

Our Luxor design incorporates lion’s head and claws throughout the collection, combined with a swirling flower pattern on the table top. This luxury outdoor furniture design is a true symbol of power and elegance.

Oxley’s Luxor 3060 Table with Armchairs


The Rissington design comes from our take on the classic bamboo chair that has been used for centuries. Bamboo surged into popularity during the 20th century due to its ability to be both delicate and ornate, adding a natural look to your outdoor space.

We took this timeless design, replicating the intersecting patterns of triangles and curves, and recreated it using recycled aluminium. A beautiful design for luxury outdoor furniture.

Oxley’s Rissington 2325 Table with Dining Chairs


The beautiful interlacing lines of our Scroll collection are inspired by stone carvings left around the British Isles by the ancient Celts. Although these carvings vary slightly in pattern, at the heart of them all is the Celtic knot. This simple endless weave has no obvious start or finish and is thought to represent eternal life.

Naturally for furniture like ours, built to last a lifetime and beyond, it is the perfect symbol to cast forever into our Scroll design.

Oxley’s Scroll 2750 Table with Armchairs and Dining Chairs


The Sienna design is one of our most popular as it belongs to both contemporary and classic locations. The diamond detail of the seat back can be referenced in buildings old and new, which pairs beautifully with the basket and weave design of the seat. The fabulous quality of this design is demonstrated in the deep casting of the table top. A beautiful design for all locations.

Oxley’s Sienna 2140 Table and Armchairs

With our range of 8 different collections, there is a design of luxury outdoor furniture to suit all locations. From contemporary to classic, explore our collections to find the perfect designer garden furniture for you.

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