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Why choose aluminium furniture


Aluminium has been used in luxury garden furniture since the 1960’s. It is an extremely popular choice as it can be used in multiple ways from foldable picnic chairs to massive park benches.

Why choose aluminium outdoor furniture?

Aluminium is the perfect material for all weather outdoor furniture. If it is properly manufactured it will not rust, it is light and manoeuvrable and is very strong.

Aluminium is also extremely practical, if processed properly in the original manufacturing process, it does not rust, rot or decay. So not only is aluminium supremely practical but it is also beautifully adaptable. There are so many ways to manufacture aluminium into different styles.

Luxury aluminium outdoor furniture is extremely low maintenance, which means once you buy your cast aluminium garden furniture, there is no need for regular upkeep. It can be left outside all year, every year and will still look just as impressive as when you first bought it.

Aluminium is the world’s most sustainable resource. It is 100% recyclable and loses no quality during this process. Nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. So when you buy luxury aluminium outdoor furniture the metal will have been previously used in some other product, perhaps from an aeroplane wing or an alloy wheel.

Advantages of aluminium over other materials 

Woven wicker plastic furniture
Looks good initially but once left outside for a winter it tends to look tired. Because it is made of plastic it is not recyclable and must go to landfill when it breaks down.

Looks beautiful and natural when new but loses its golden colour rapidly in the sun and rain. To keep it looking new requires a great deal of work each year to sand it down and oil it. A lot of Teak on the market is illegally taken from the fast disappearing rain forests.

Stainless steel
Looks very good and modern in outdoor furniture and depending on the specification of the steel used it can last a very long time. However, it will rust unless it is at least marine grade stainless steel. It is often used in combination with wood and can get very hot in the sun.

Wrought iron 
This material is normally used in the least expensive ‘artesian’ furniture. It rusts extremely easily and is very heavy so is difficult to move. Wrought iron can also get very hot in the sun.

How to care for aluminium furniture

Cast aluminium garden furniture is extremely low maintenance and so very little work is required. However, if you want to give your luxury aluminium garden furniture a freshen up, this is easy to achieve.

Our top tips:

  • Wash the furniture frame with a soft rag and very occasionally car soap, a fine car soap will not affect the finish on the furniture.
  • A very occasional waxing with car wax will also help to maintain the finish.
  • Try to avoid using dish-washing detergents and other household cleaners.
  • Do not use abrasive sponges and brushes or corrosive chemical cleaners, it will ruin the finish.

It is easy to see why aluminium is one of the most popular materials to use for luxury garden furniture. Not only is it strong and durable but you can get a completely unique and stunning look for your outdoor space. Think of those sunny days with friends or relaxing with a good book sitting on your luxury aluminium garden furniture.

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