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Complementing Your Planting with English Garden Furniture

Complementing your Planting with your Garden Furniture


As we spend an increasing amount of time in our gardens, the importance of this outdoor space as an extension of our properties is growing. This has led to more careful consideration of how planting schemes and English garden furniture work alongside each other, and a rising trend for matching or complementing the two. A cohesive garden colour scheme is an easy way to create a stylish look, and a quick and effective option is the use of a collection of cushions and outdoor soft furnishings.

1. Prepare for all seasons
It’s worth remembering that the colours in your garden change regularly, especially if you favour annuals over perennials, with some flowers only lasting a matter of weeks. Coloured scatter cushions offer a fantastic solution to this, allowing you to instantly transform the look of your seating area and keep your garden looking co-ordinated all year round. We’d recommend choosing two or three sets that can be changed throughout the year depending on what’s in bloom.

2. Be bold with prints
The weather in the UK may not always be bright, but there’s no reason why your garden can’t be. Adding pops of colour and bold prints to your patio using cushions is a fantastic way to brighten up your garden whatever the weather. Plus, because they are easy to replace or reupholster, opting for patterned cushions is a great way to trial out new colour pallets in your garden without investing in a whole new set of furniture.

3. Pull out accent colours
Picking out a subtle accent colour from your plants and accentuating it with matching scatter cushions creates a clean, calm and cohesive look. With an unlimited number of colours and patterns to choose from, finding the perfect shade of cushion won’t be a challenge.

4. Make a statement with contrasting colours
Opting for accessories in contrasting colours also works well and creates a striking, stylish look. For maximum effect, choose colours that are opposite on the colour wheel to those you are working with. For example, orange works well with blue tones, whilst purple looking fantastic against yellow.

5. Keep it neutral
If you’re looking for a more low-key look in your garden, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. Sticking to a simple pallet of whites and creams with plenty of foliage will look effortlessly stylish and is guaranteed never to go out of fashion.

6. Layer Textures
Combining a range of textures adds a cosy yet modern touch to any outdoor living space. For maximum effect, layer a range of cushions and blankets in varied textures across your entire seating area. The blankets will also come in handy for keeping guests warm and comfortable during colder evenings around your firepit or chimenea.

For more ideas on updating your garden, read our top tips for creating an outdoor living room.

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