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How Do You Take Care of Outdoor Furniture in the Winter?


During the winter months, our outdoor spaces tend to get a bit neglected. Nobody wants to be out in the cold to move around their furniture or bring it in to protect it from the snow. At Oxley’s we completely understand this which is why we ensure that all our luxury outdoor furniture is built to be left outside all year round.

When you buy our luxury outdoor furniture, you are buying a luxury product in all aspects of that description. As well as the inherent beauty of the furniture, the build quality and the materials used add to the complete luxury feel. Oxley’s furniture is made in such a way that it is completely maintenance free, wherever it is in the world, even over the winter months. So, when looking after your outdoor furniture over winter, there isn’t actually anything you need to do.

Can Furniture Be Left Outside in the Winter?

Your Oxley’s aluminium outdoor furniture does not need to come in over the winter. We know that it can be heavy and take up a lot of space and therefore do not wish our customers to have to move it around every year. Instead, we want our Oxley’s customers to be able to enjoy their garden from the indoors and watch their furniture gathering snow, which makes for a beautiful picture. We use the highest quality, recycled aluminium for our furniture which makes it the perfect all-weather furniture, suitable for any location all year round. We have been using the same process since 1991 and therefore know just how long-lasting and durable our furniture is, as well as looking beautiful in the snow.

Oxley’s Rissington 4 Seater Set in the Snow

The Cushions

Whilst all our cushions are made for outdoor use and are made using the best outdoor fabrics available, they will not last forever. Although they are still extremely long lasting, it is important to look after them properly in the colder months to ensure they last as long as possible. We strongly encourage bringing them in or covering them when not in use all year round, but particularly over the winter. Storing them indoors or in outdoor storage will ensure that they stay in good condition and are ready for use as soon as the warm weather returns.

Protective Covers

We have a range of protective covers for our furniture that adds an extra layer of protection to your maintenance free outdoor furniture. It also keeps off any unwanted dirt or animals to save you having to give the furniture a wipe down when you want to use it again. These covers can protect both the furniture and the cushions to save you having to bring the cushions in every time they are not in use. However, over winter we do recommend that you still bring the cushions in to protect them from frost.

Oxley’s Protective Cover in Canvas

Whilst we know that the colder months bring a level of concern for the wellbeing of our outdoor spaces, you know you can rest easy when it comes to your Oxley’s furniture. Our completely maintenance free outdoor furniture can spend the winter sparkling in the frost or gathering snow, providing you with a beautiful view from the warmth of the indoors.

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