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The Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture


For all the right reasons people are increasingly choosing eco-friendly options in their day-to-day lives, from sustainable food choices to outdoor furniture. With more people shopping sustainably, businesses have to ensure that their sustainable values align with the needs of the customer. As a company that works in a truly sustainable, circular way, we know what it takes to manufacture eco-friendly outdoor furniture in the best way. But what are the benefits of choosing eco-friendly outdoor furniture?

Long lasting

Recycled aluminium is one of the most popular materials used for sustainable garden furniture. The biggest benefit of using recycled aluminium is its longevity, if manufactured in the right way it will last for generations. Whilst it may be a larger upfront cost, it will be cost effective over time as it won’t need replacing. Opting for a material that is long-lasting means that you will be producing less waste from your garden year on year.

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Maintenance free

Choosing a long-lasting material such as recycled aluminium also means your eco-friendly outdoor furniture will be completely maintenance free. When treated properly, aluminium outdoor furniture will require no maintenance at all. Meaning it can be left outside all year, every year and look just as good as when you first bought it. So not only will your eco-friendly outdoor furniture last for generations but it will also need no continual maintenance. Your sustainable garden furniture will be ready to use at any time of the year.

Responsibly sourced

Opting for eco-friendly luxury garden furniture allows you to understand where the materials and products have come from. This takes away the uncertainty about the products that you are using if you know they are sourced responsibly and sustainably. As well as this, using recycled aluminium saves 95% of the energy needed to make new aluminium. So not only are the materials responsibly sourced but recycled aluminium also reduces the amount of energy needed to manufacture new products.

Reduce environmental impact

Due to recycled aluminium saving 95% of energy, buying eco-friendly outdoor furniture reduces your overall impact on the environment. By making small changes like this when buying products, you are massively reducing your impact on the environment. It is important to research the products you are buying, to ensure you are doing your bit for our planet.

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Taking responsibility for what you buy

As customers it is now so important that we are taking responsibility for the products that we buy and the businesses we support. It is just as important for a business to do this, as demonstrated by Oxley’s unique buy back guarantee. We offer to buy back our customers furniture from them for half the original price. We do this to ensure that our products have no end of life and can be endlessly recycled. We take full responsibility for the products we make.

The importance of sustainability is ever increasing. The choices we make, from eco-friendly outdoor furniture to sustainable food choices, need to be made with the planet in mind. The benefits are endless and can have a big impact on the environment, with the added bonus of making us proud of our choices.

We believe that luxury should not come at the cost of sustainability, that’s why our eco-friendly outdoor furniture is produced from 100% recycled aluminium. Along with our unique buy back guarantee, we also provide restoration services, contributing to a truly circular economy.

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