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Why Buy Your Bespoke Outdoor Furniture Before Summer


The days are growing longer, birds are chirping, and thoughts are returning to warm nights spent outdoors. It’s time to shake off the winter blues and start dreaming of lazy afternoons spent lounging on your bespoke outdoor furniture.

While the urge to wait until the peak of summer to invest in your dream outdoor furniture might be strong, we always advise our customers not to wait until the last minute to get your outdoor furniture. Spring is the ideal time to bring your outdoor vision to life, avoiding the frustration of shopping in the summer rush.

Beat the rush

Summer’s arrival brings with it a surge in demand for outdoor furniture, everyone wants to be sat out in the sun in pure blissful comfort immediately. This excitement can quickly turn into frustration when you are left with limited options or facing delays. By sourcing your outdoor furniture during the winter or spring, you can avoid the summer frenzy and secure bespoke pieces that suit your space perfectly. This means you can enjoy a stress-free transformation into outdoor living the day the warm weather returns.

Oxley’s Luxor Double Sofa, Lounge Chair and Coffee Table

Lead times are no problem

Many outdoor furniture manufacturers have production lead times, especially for handcrafted and bespoke outdoor furniture. By starting the process earlier in the year, you have plenty of time to navigate these lead times and ensure your elegant outdoor furniture arrives well before summer’s peak. Giving you plenty of time to get the exact design style, colour combinations and cushions that you want.

Buying bespoke outdoor furniture

At Oxley’s, we understand the desire for a truly unique and personalised outdoor space, perfectly complementing the interior. Giving yourself plenty of time to create your outdoor vision means that you can explore all the bespoke outdoor furniture options available to you. By working closely with us you can create bespoke outdoor furniture tailored to your exact needs and preferences, from size and shape to finishes and fabrics. With enough lead time, you can meticulously craft your outdoor haven to perfectly reflect your style and personality.

Oxley’s bespoke sized Scroll Table

Peace of mind

By buying early, you can extend your outdoor season and start creating those cherished memories well before the summer crowds arrive. Ready to be enjoyed as soon as the weather permits. No last-minute scrambles, no disappointment of missing out, just pure relaxation and enjoyment from the get-go.

Spring is a season of renewal and new beginnings. Perfect for transforming your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and beauty. At Oxley’s we are here to help you create your perfect outdoor oasis, explore our range of furniture collections to find the perfect fit for you. Don’t wait for the summer rush, avoid disappointment and find the bespoke outdoor furniture of your dreams before it’s too late.

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