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How to Make the Most of your Outdoor Furniture in the Cooler Months


If you’re looking for some modern garden ideas for autumn and even winter, we’ve got you covered. As a manufacturer of English garden furniture, we passionately believe that our furniture must be enjoyed at all times of the year. Much outdoor furniture is built purely to serve a function for comfortable seating in high summer. Our priority is to make furniture that is beautiful in its own right, to be enjoyed visually as well as functionally. In Northern Europe much of the year is not balmy summer days. This doesn’t mean that well designed outdoor garden furniture cannot be enjoyed during the long autumn month’s and even the occasional winter day.

Movability of your furniture

In the summer, the priority for the location of your furniture may be to make the most of the view from a well shaded area out of direct sunlight. However, in the colder winter months, it may be better to move the furniture to a spot that maximises the low angle of the winter sun. For this you will need furniture that is easily moveable and looks wonderful in both locations at different times of the year.

An appreciation of autumn

You are spending your morning looking out over the lawn laden with dew. The sky is clear and chalk blue, you know it’s going to be a gorgeous still day and the trees are a mixture of greens, oranges, browns and yellows. A typical autumn day in our changed world. The forecast is for rain later i the week but today and this evening it’s the perfect opportunity to carry on enjoying being outside. Plan to take the time to sit outside with a drink in the stillness and watch the evening sun go down over the horizon with a sunset of contrasting pinks and purples. Wrapped against the coming chill this is another opportunity to enjoy your English garden furniture.

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Easy to hand

Sitting outside in the autumn and winter months requires a bit more planning since you can’t just walk out barefoot in the summer. Cushions that can be moved outside are a must as the furniture will be cold to sit on. Keeping snug blankets with the cushions that can be used for wrapping legs and shoulders. Being prepared in this way provides a wonderful feeling of beating the elements and being able to enjoy seeing your breath in the air as you appreciate still being out in nature.

Extra heat

A fire pit, burning season logs that don’t smoke will extend the time you get to stay outside when the sun has gone down and beyond. Brining a cosy atmosphere that allows you to continue using your outdoor space late into the evening and in the cooler months.

An autumnal look

Where bright colours work well in high summer, in the subdued light of autumn, colours that match the more faded look of the garden work beautifully. Having different sets of outdoor furniture cushions for a different time of the year is another way of maximising the enjoyment of using and looking at your outdoor furniture all year round.

We make our English garden furniture in a way that it can be enjoyed all year round, no matter where it is situated. This ensures to provide with both a comfortable and functional seating area and a beautiful centrepiece for your garden each month of the year. With a couple of additional extras, the use of your outdoor area can be extended way into the cooler months.

Every outdoor space should have its own beautiful centrepiece, that’s why our English garden furniture is handcrafted here in the UK by our team of expert artisans. Quintessentially English and tailor-made, our outdoor furniture can be found in some of the most prestigious homes across the world.

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