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How to Clean Aluminium Outdoor Furniture


Aluminium is the perfect material for outdoor furniture. Oxley’s has used recycled aluminium for our luxury outdoor garden furniture for over 30 years due to the sustainability and durability of this material. Not only does it create beautiful and elegant outdoor furniture but when manufactured our way, it is completely weatherproof and maintenance free. This means that looking after aluminium outdoor furniture year after year requires almost no effort.

Each item we make is made as one piece without using connecting nuts and bolts. This means that the final step in the manufacturing process, the powder coating, encapsulated the whole item against the elements. Meaning it is totally weatherproof and completely maintenance free, no matter where in the world it is situated. Our aluminium outdoor furniture is intended to last generations, looking just as good as when you bought it for decades after purchase.

Oxley’s Sienna 6 Seater Set

Whilst both the metal and the paintwork are durable and long lasting, there are some environmental factors we cannot control. For example, regular dirt and animal mess. Therefore, you may need to give your aluminium outdoor furniture a quick clean every now and then. If you live very close to the sea, there is a more insidious threat to anything left outside year round. Sea salt as a spray or drifting around int he air flow is extremely destructive to everything man made. Thankfully, there is a very easy and simple way to clean your aluminium garden furniture so that it is ready for use in no time.

The most effective way to clean your aluminium outdoor furniture is with some warm water, car shampoo, a soft brush and a soft rag. This combination is the best way to get any unwanted dirt and grime off your furniture. It is likely that after a cold winter being left outside, your furniture will need some care, but a wash with car shampoo will do the trick nicely. If it has not been cleaned for a long time, there may be some heavier contamination from nature such as lichen. In this instance the best approach is to spray it off with a jet wash on the lowest setting prior to cleaning with car shampoo.

Oxley’s Furniture Covers

There is another way to reduce the amount of cleaning needed, particularly by the seaside, by investing in some Oxley’s furniture covers. This means that when it isn’t in use, you can cover up the furniture to protect it from any environmental contaminates, dirt or unwanted animals. Whilst this isn’t necessary, it reduces the small amount of care needed to keep your luxury outdoor garden furniture in pristine condition. It also means that when your furniture is in constant use you can cover it in the summer, including outdoor cushions, to save you having to bring them in if heavy rain is forecast.

Opting for aluminium outdoor furniture means that yearly maintenance is vastly reduced and any necessary cleaning is very easy. Meaning that your luxury outdoor garden furniture is ready for use in no time.

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