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Outdoor furniture trends 2024 - your summer season style guide


It has always amazed me how outdoor furniture follows fashions. When we started making cast iron outdoor furniture at Oxley’s, all other outdoor furniture was plastic. Then everything was teak, then plastic weave, and now we seem to be going towards extreme lounging furniture – outdoor sofas and bean bags are where it’s at. Read on to discover all about this summer’s outdoor furniture trends and why classic style is often better than a passing fashion fad…

Outdoor furniture trends for summer 2024 

Sustainable garden furniture

It’s no surprise that sustainability is one of the biggest outdoor furniture trends for 2024. There’s nothing like being in an outdoor environment to remind you about the importance of choosing garden furniture that is made from sustainable materials. Whether it’s made from reclaimed wood or cast aluminium like all of Oxley’s outdoor furniture, sustainable outdoor furniture not only looks good, it feels good too. People often ask how to repair plastic rattan furniture and the answer is that sadly, most of it will simply end up in landfill. Not so, with sustainable materials such as aluminium which can be recycled time and time again.

Handmade furniture 

eco-conscious outdoor furniture

Since Covid, when many people rediscovered their gardens and the joy of being outdoors, mass produced garden furniture helped to satisfy demand. However, there is a noticeable lack of enthusiasm for the sort of mass produced plastic wicker weave furniture that was so fashionable five years ago. Handmade furniture offers something unique to the buyer – it is a piece of art, crafted with care and precision by skilled individuals, many from small or family-run businesses. At Oxley’s, you have the reassurance that every single piece of luxury patio furniture is hand finished to order in the Cotswolds – it’s like having your own commissioned work of art for your garden!

Outdoor lounging 

Despite our unpredictable weather, there is a definite leaning towards furniture that is suited to outdoor lounging. Think outdoor sofas, loungers and beanbags with sumptuous waterproof cushions for added comfort. You may be wondering ‘can outdoor sofas get wet?’ The answer is yes, as these items tend to rely on the amazing outdoor fabrics that are now available and which are mostly totally waterproof and robust. Indeed, the outdoor waterproof cushions that we supply with our outdoor loungers and sofas are so soft and tactile it’s difficult to believe they are designed for outdoor use. The range of fabrics and colourways is also much improved. We have a huge variety of outdoor waterproof fabrics to choose from so you can match your garden to your interior design scheme or opt for something that’s completely different.

It’s all about comfort 

When you sink into an outdoor sofa to relax after a busy day, you want that ‘aaah’ moment. Seat cushions that are deep enough to sink back into with ease, chair heights that support the head and neck in all the right places, and armrests that will gladly take your weight. Good quality, luxury design outdoor furniture will give you all this and more as it is built by skilled craftsmen who understand the ergonomics of furniture design. For example, most mass produced outdoor loungers are built so they can stack together easily, rather than for comfort. But at Oxley’s we prioritise comfort, designing loungers with cushions so deep that you can’t help but sink into them. We design most of our dining furniture so that it is comfortable enough to sit in without a cushion – ideal for when you just want to enjoy a cup of tea outside inbetween downpours!

Outdoor garden structures

Permanent structures for the garden such as pergolas, arbours, and gazebos are one of this summer’s key outdoor furniture trends. There is a definite shift in the way people are viewing their outdoor spaces, with the lines between indoors and outdoors becoming more blurred. That means creating more spaces in the garden that can be used for outdoor living. That ties into the 2024 outdoor furniture trend we have been seeing for garden sofas and loungers, and a general overall feeling of wanting to be comfortable outdoors. Simple garden structures are ideal for housing our luxury patio furniture sets to create a cosy ambience for evening dining and entertaining. Plus, there is the added bonus that, once in position, our luxury patio furniture won’t impact the view of your garden, unlike plastic wicker weave furniture which can often create quite a visual block.

Garden sculpture

Not technically a piece of furniture, but all eyes are on outdoor sculpture as a major trend for gardens this summer. Just as you’d position ornaments and objets d’art in the home, using art and sculptural shapes within the garden also help to create a certain cosy ambience. And, of course, outdoor sculpture exhibitions are very of the moment – you can see the latest works of legendary British contemporary artist, Marc Quinn, this summer at Kew Gardens. Alternatively, you could indulge your artistic side at home by housing Oxley’s new Petrosphere range of outdoor furniture in your garden. The range was inspired by the curious, intricately carved stone objects found during the Neolithic period, and each piece of Petrosphere furniture carries a replica of the original artistic designs

Stay ahead of outdoor furniture trends

As with all fashions, outdoor furniture trends for 2024 will come and go. That’s why at Oxley’s we try to make luxury patio furniture that is timeless so that it will still look right in its environment, whether that’s in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time. Contact us to find out more about our furniture ranges and why it sometimes pays to stay ahead of outdoor furniture trends!

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