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10 ways to improve your patio


Patios are a wonderful asset for any home; they create the perfect place to unwind and relax and are great for entertaining in the summer. They add an additional space to your home that is easy to maintain. But how do you make the most of your patio?

1. Make it an extension of your interior.
To create a seamless flow from your interior to the exterior, match your designs and themes throughout. This makes it feel like an extension of your home rather than a separate unit.

2. Patio heater or fire pit.
In some parts of the world, a patio heater or a fire pit is essential. To get full use of your patio, you need to ensure that you and your guests can carry on enjoying it late into the evening or in the cooler months. There are benefits to both a patio heater and a fire pit, it just depends which is the best option for you. Patio heaters have good temperature control, are safer around young children and easy to move. Whereas fire pits can be more aesthetic, allow for more design options and provide extra light from the fire.

3. Use patterns.
Using patterns in your patio tiles can add real dimension and style to your patio, giving it a personality. You can then mirror these patterns in the scatter cushions you use on your luxury patio furniture to create harmony through your designs.

4. Lighting.
Not only does lighting provide added visibility, it also creates a lovely environment and great ambience. If done right, outdoor lighting can look stunning and ensures that al fresco dining can go on long after the sun has set. There are endless options when it comes to outdoor lighting from lanterns, to stake lights lining a path, to hanging outdoor pendant lights. You could even use twinkling fairy lights to create a canopy of light above your patio.

5. Invest in high quality, luxury patio furniture.
Luxury outdoor patio furniture will become the centrepiece of your patio. Therefore, it is important to invest in patio furniture that is not only comfortable and practical but also beautifully designed and low maintenance. Luxury patio furniture is great for creating an al fresco dining area, or something a bit more relaxed like an outdoor sofa and lounge chair set.

6. Use contemporary colours. 
Using contemporary, neutral tones creates a sense of calm and welcoming. As well as this, you can be sure that contemporary colours will always be in style. It gives you the option to add any colour you wish to keep up with current trends, through the use of beautiful outdoor scatter cushions on your luxury patio furniture. This makes it bright and interesting whilst still being easily interchangeable for different occasions and styles.

7. Coverage.
Coverage for your patio not only gives you that extra bit of shade on a sunny day, but it also gives you the feel of being by the beach on holiday. A garden canopy or umbrella is not only functional but allows you to make the most of your patio space if the weather is not being kind.

8. Keep it functional.
One of the main mistakes people make with patios is overcrowding them, you need to be smart about the space that you have. Make informed decisions that will create a welcoming space, leaving enough room for friends and family to enjoy comfortably. Another thing to consider is the view you have from your patio; you want to ensure that the luxury patio furniture you buy enhances the view and does not block it. For example, plastic weave outdoor furniture is solid and therefore blocks what is behind it, whereas cast aluminium patio furniture allows you to look through it.

9. Potted plants and planters. 
Decorating with plants is beautifully simple. Using stylish large planters as a statement piece, adding colour and dimension to your patio. Plants can be a beautiful addition to your patio, bringing life and creating a calming effect.

10. Outdoor bar.
An outdoor bar would be the perfect way to finish off your patio. Becoming the new hot spot for you and your friends, with your favourite drinks always in stock. Outdoor bars can look super stylish and the best part – no last call!

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