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Choosing the Best Furniture for your Balcony or Terrace


Having a balcony or terrace is a great benefit, however choosing the right luxury terrace furniture that will both enhance your space and provide maximum comfort is not an easy task. Choosing furniture that fits the space you have, big or small, will elevate your outdoors and provide an extra space to relax or entertain. So, how do you choose the best luxury furniture for your balcony or terrace?

It’s all about the view
Beyond the balcony or terrace there is a view that needs to be admired. Therefore, it is important to ensure your luxury terrace furniture is not blocking this view. For example, rattan furniture is likely to block your view and leave you looking at a solid colour instead. However, opting for something like cast aluminium outdoor furniture means that you will be able to look through it. Aluminium is a fantastic material for outdoor furniture as it is robust and strong, but still intricately designed meaning that it is not a solid lump of metal. So not only are you enhancing your view, but you are also adding a stunning feature to your balcony.

Luxury Terrace Furniture
Oxley’s Luxor Double Sofa and Lounge Chair Set

Furniture maintenance
In order to keep your balcony looking fresh for years to come, take into account your weather environment. Is your balcony exposed to rain? Perhaps you live by the sea with high winds or salt spray? How often do you get frosts or snow? And balconies are often windy. Understanding and accounting for your climate will help you choose furniture that can weather the seasons. Opting for a maintenance free material for your luxury terrace furniture will save you time and money. High quality aluminium is completely maintenance free and will not rust, whereas steel or iron is likely to rust and will require a lot of maintenance. Teak is also a low maintenance material and will provide you with long lasting furniture. The material you choose is a very personal choice, but we recommend keeping maintenance and longevity in mind.

Furniture style
It is important to think about what your balcony or terrace is going to be used for and therefore what outdoor furniture is going to be suited best. Is it going to be used for a morning coffee whilst reading a book or is it a larger space for entertaining? If it is a smaller, intimate space we recommend opting for a small bistro set. You cannot go wrong with a cast aluminium outdoor table and chairs; it provides a comfortable spot to sit and relax without taking up too much room and cramping the space. If you have a larger space, a bigger table will also work and provides a great space to socialise with friends. Alternatively, if you are looking to create a comfortable outdoor lounging area we recommend opting for sofas and lounge chairs. Sofas and lounge chairs can elevate your outdoors and provide a separate room for lounging and relaxing. Whatever style of luxury terrace furniture you go for, ensure it fits the space nicely and will be comfortable for hours on end.

Luxury Terrace Furniture
Oxley’s Luxor 4 Seater Table and Armchairs

Cushions are often the last thing you think of when choosing luxury terrace furniture but are also a very important aspect to consider. They are a fantastic way to add colour and style to outdoor furniture, playing around with scatter cushions and different patterns will really elevate your space and bring a sense of your personality outdoors. Outdoor fabrics are also very durable and resistant to the elements, so not only do they look great, but they are also very practical.

Furniture covers
It is good to spare a minute to think about what you plan to do with your luxury terrace furniture when it is not in use. Although outdoor cushion fabrics are very durable and weather resistant they can be affected by overhead birds and general atmospheric dirt. Ideally, you don’t want to be bringing in the cushions every time you are not using it. Therefore, we recommend waterproof furniture covers. The easiest way to keep your furniture covered and protected from the weather, requiring minimal effort. A great way to keep your furniture fresh and ready for use at the last minute.

A patio or terrace is a fantastic place to utilise to the maximum and can provide a truly great area for hosting or just relaxing. Whether you opt for a cast aluminium outdoor table and chairs or a sofa and lounge chair set, ensure it is right for you and enhances your space.

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