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Choosing the Best Luxury Outdoor Furniture for your Hotel


As a hotel owner you have a vision of how your luxury hotel furniture will enhance your outdoor environment. You want to see your terrace outside on a balmy summer’s evening occupied with relaxed and contented customers enjoying your wonderful views.

All the outdoor furniture you are considering is photographed for promotional material in these ideal conditions, which makes your choice very difficult. After 30 years’ experience in making furniture for Boutique hotels the advice that we give to business owners is to look at this scene from a different perspective.

It’s mid-winter, its cold, damp and misty. Your customers are inside in the warmth enjoying the log fire and looking out across the terrace into the dripping distance. This is the time when you want outdoor furniture that is going to make these customers with to return in the summer to experience sitting out on your terrace in the sun.

So, we have put together a list of things to consider when choosing the best luxury hotel furniture, including this winter conundrum.

Oxley’s Rissington 4 Seater

Block or Enhance

At any time of the year does your luxury hotel furniture block or enhance the view? It is important to consider what lies beyond your terrace as this will help you decide if you want to be able to look through the furniture. If you have a lovely view that can be enjoyed both inside and out, you want something that not only allows you to enjoy the view, but that will also enhance its surroundings. Cast metal outdoor furniture with the intricate detailing allows for an unobstructed view.


Any furniture in a commercial environment takes a battering over time, it’s knocked and bashed on a regular basis by customers. It is extremely important to consider durability of your furniture. You don’t want to have to replace it on a regular basis, and therefore finding luxury hotel furniture that is long lasting and repairable, in the worst cases, is imperative.


Whilst you want your furniture to withstand even the worst weather conditions, you also have to consider how easy it is for both you and your customers to move it. Guests should be able to move chairs around easily and you want to be able to move your furniture with a small team if setting up for an outdoor private function. It is a balance between being light enough to move but heavy enough to withstand strong winds.

Resistance to the elements

Your luxury hotel furniture is going to be sat outside all year round, feeling the full force of each season every year. From frosts, heavy rain, damp and bright UV sunlight, your outdoor furniture will be put through its paces. Therefore, it is important to opt for furniture that is completely maintenance free. Meaning you can leave it outside worry free, knowing it will continue to look good year on year.

Oxley’s Barrington 4 Seater Sets


Environmentally friendly garden furniture enhances your sustainability efforts and will be noticed by guests. Consider what the furniture is made from, identifying if it’s disguised plastic or a more sustainable material. Is the manufacturer working hard to produce high quality furniture in the most sustainable way possible? It is also important to take into account the furniture’s end of life, will it be recycled or will it add to the growing land fill problem?

Specific to you

Much outdoor furniture is available on immediate delivery. It has been shipped from the far east and is sitting in a warehouse awaiting your call. In this situation you have to take it as someone else decided it should be in a specific design, shape and colour. If the furniture is made bespoke for you, it will take longer to arrive initially, but it will be made exactly to fit your vision. This way the style of the furniture can be matched to the style of your hotel and finished in the best colour and fabric selection to achieve the look you want.

Every hotel needs beautifully designed luxury hotel furniture to enhance its outdoor space. With our years of experience, we know that choosing the right furniture is not an easy task. But hopefully by taking our suggestions into consideration you will find the perfect fit, made specifically for you.

Creating stunning luxury outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants and businesses around the world is what we’re best at. We’ve been producing elegant, robust and durable outdoor furniture for over thirty years.

Let our experienced team help you create the perfect space for your guests.

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