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Choosing The Right Outdoor Table For Your Space


Investing in the right cast aluminium outdoor table deserves a bit of time to really work out what will work best for you and the space the furniture will occupy. There is so much choice of dining furniture in terms of size, shape and material available that making the right choice can be very difficult. We have put together the following list of factors to consider, some of which are straight forward and others less so.

How many people do you want to seat?
This seems a bit obvious, but every other decision is linked to this. Is your outside dining area going to be for the large occasional gatherings or for more regular use for you and a couple of friends? If it is for occasional gatherings of the extended family or a group of friends, then any shape of table works. But if it is for more constant use for a smaller number, a very large round table is awkward. Whereas with a very large rectangular or oval table it is easy to just use one end. If you have a small outdoor space, for example a small patio or balcony, a bistro set is the perfect addition. A beautiful balcony furniture set will create the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine in the evenings.

Oxley's Scroll 8 Seater Set, cast aluminium outdoor table
Oxley’s Scroll 8 Seater Set

What shape works best for your space?
A large round table for big family gatherings where everyone is involved in every moment of the occasion is very special. Unless you have unlimited space the right shape of table for you will probably be guided by the shape of your space. If the area is square a square or round table will work well and give you lots of space in the corners. If the area is rectangular, you can either match it with a rectangular table creating a feeling of symmetry or if you want to add some curves and flowing lines an oval table works best. Two other considerations, as a general rule you can get more people around a rectangular table than an oval table, and a square or rectangular is easy to put up against a wall if you need to make extra room in your garden.

What material is most appropriate?
The material your dining furniture is made of is a very important decision to make. You want it to be long-lasting and durable, easy to move, maintenance free yet still beautifully designed. The choice is normally between hardwood, steel, woven plastic and aluminium. A hardwood set, normally made from teak looks natural outside and feels smooth and warm to the touch. On the downside to keep it looking good it will need a lot of attention in the spring and hard wood is heavy. Steel, often used in conjunction with glass, textaline and stone looks amazing when new and is particularly appropriate for extremely modern and minimalist environments. However, it will eventually rust. Woven plastic is currently the most popular choice and some of it is very nicely designed. But plastic is gradually broken down by UV light. In terms of sustainability, it’s by far the worst as all plastic is made from oil and will eventually end up in landfill.
A high-quality cast aluminium outdoor table will prove the most resilient against all weather conditions, needing no maintenance and looking just as good year on year. Not only is aluminium extremely tough and durable, but the casting also allows for some truly intricate details in the table and chair design. It is also the most sustainable option, made from recycled aluminium.

Luxury Garden Furniture
Oxley’s Rissington 10 Seater Set

How will you feel about your outdoor dining furniture for the majority of the time when you are not using it?
We all tend to consider outdoor furniture in the spring and early summer when we are thinking about the warm months of outdoor living to come. Unless you plan to take the furniture away and store it in the winter, how are you going to view it as you look out the window at it on a cold and wet winters day? Is it intrinsically beautiful in its own right? When you look at it in mid-winter are you going to look at it think of summer balmy days or are you going to think it’s it a shame, we have nowhere to put it away? Will you be able to look through it to be able to appreciate the rest of your garden or is it going to block your view?

Comfort or style?
There are many sets of outdoor furniture which are extremely stylish and minimalist, but the chairs have not been designed with comfort in mind. Some chairs are uncomfortable for everyone, but some find different chairs more comfortable than others. The best way to solve this conundrum is to choose the style you like and then practically check it is comfortable by visiting a manufactures showroom or factory. Or have some furniture brought to you for checking in your home environment.

Outdoor Sustainable Furniture
Oxley’s Barrington 4 Seater, luxury garden furniture


What colour do you want your furniture to be?
From some manufacturers this is not an option you have. But for those materials such as aluminium, choosing the colour of both your furniture set and seat cushions is the final step to take when finding your dream outdoor table setting. Do you want your table setting to be bold and stand out or do you want it to seamlessly blend in with your space? Opting for cool tones can create harmony with the rest of your outdoors, blending in with its surroundings. Whereas opting for something bright and bold will create a beautiful centrepiece that can be tied in with the surrounding planting or alternatively contrast with it. If you are unsure about colourful furniture itself, opting for some colourful seat cushions can bring your furniture to life, switching them out to go with the flowers in bloom each season. Colour is a great way to enhance your space, either done subtly with cushions or as a bold statement with brightly coloured furniture.

The perfect outdoor table is just a few short steps away. It is tricky to find a table that truly enhances your outdoor space and still provides a practical option for outdoor dining but it is well worth it. Whether you opt for a cast aluminium outdoor table or teak, oval or square, colourful or plain, make sure it is right for you and its surroundings.

Cast Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

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