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Looking after your Garden Furniture during the Winter Months


As winter rolls around, many of us will be thinking about bedding down for the season and retreating inside to the warmth. But before that happens, there are several things to consider to prepare our homes and gardens for the colder weather, including taking care of our luxury garden furniture. Here, we offer advice on looking after all types, from maintenance free garden furniture through to wood and rattan pieces.

Wooden garden furniture requires a high level of maintenance to keep it looking fresh and lasting for years. In the spring you’ll need to sand and varnish the pieces, and in winter it is recommended they are covered or brought inside. If left outside uncovered, you will find you’ll need to brush off mosses, lichens, and algae with a stiff brush come springtime and the quality will quickly diminish.

Unlike other materials, aluminium is naturally non-wearing, so it can be left outside all winter and it will be just how you left it in spring when you are ready to venture outside again. Our luxury outdoor furniture is made from aluminium that is treated in a totally comprehensive way, meaning that we make completely maintenance free garden furniture. Plus, aluminium is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet because it is infinitely recyclable.

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To avoid the synthetic fibres breaking down in cold and wet conditions, rattan furniture must be sufficiently covered or brought inside during the winter months.

Natural Wicker
With a similar look to rattan, but benefitting from natural materials, wicker is another popular choice for garden furniture. However, it also requires some assistance to survive the winter months. Wicker furniture needs to be treated with a hardwood garden furniture product once a year and is best stored inside during harsh winter weather.

Metal garden furniture made from steel is popular for its robustness. However, it is prone to rusting when exposed to the elements so it must be treated regularly or put away during wet weather.

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Which is the best garden furniture material for year-round use?
If you enjoy using your garden all year round, or simply prefer a low-maintenance option, aluminium is undeniably the best option for your garden furniture as it is entirely weatherproof and can be left outside throughout the seasons.

For more advice on making the most of your outdoor space during the colder months, read our round up of year-round entertaining ideas.

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