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Outdoor Garden Furniture Trends for 2023


Being a luxury aluminium garden furniture manufacturer, we see the changes in outdoor trends each year. It always interests us to see what becomes popular and how it affects the way in which our customers buy. 2023 is sure to bring some new and interesting trends, some of which we have already started to notice.

Luxury metals

The popularity of rattan and wicker has decreased in recent months and 2023 will show favour to luxurious metals. People are moving towards high end metal furniture as their top choice for garden furniture. Luxurious and eye-catching metals are set to become very popular over the next year and we can see why. Luxury aluminium garden furniture is not only sustainable and long lasting, but it also allows for some exceptionally beautiful and intricate designs, creating a truly luxurious look in the garden.

Oxley’s Luxor 8 Seater Set

Textures and materials

2023 brings a new take on the use of textures and materials. Using a range of materials within your garden furniture or a variety of textures in the cushions and rugs you are using outdoors. This mixture of patterns and feels elevates your outdoors in a new and exciting way. It brings more of a sensory feeling to your outdoor space and engages your sense of touch in a way that may not have been stimulated before.


Sustainability definitely isn’t a new trend for 2023 but it is one that is never going to go out of style. With eco-friendly garden furniture available in so many wonderful styles and designs, it is a wonder why people still opt for a non-sustainable option. Consumers are now actively looking for more sustainable options for their home and gardens.

Eco-friendly garden furniture
Oxley’s Grande Sofa, made from 100% recycled aluminium

A calming escape

During covid, we found that the outdoors became an exciting place for entertaining and hosting. We spent a lot of time ensuring that our outdoor space could double up as a place for friends and family to spend quality time together. However, now we have moved back indoors and life is starting to return to normal, our outdoor space has become more of a calming escape. A place just for you, to relax and recuperate after a long day. We highly recommend investing in luxury aluminium garden furniture that will allow you to relax in true opulent comfort for hours on end.

We are almost a month into 2023 and it is always exciting to look at the trends we will be seeing throughout the year. Our range of luxury aluminium garden furniture is designed to be timeless, but each year colour and fabric trends change to something new and exciting. With different colour schemes and themes coming into play, we are looking forward to seeing what 2023 will bring.

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