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Outdoor Kitchen Trends for Summer 2023


With the warmer weather on its way, we are eager to get outdoors and start making the most of our luxury outdoor furniture. However, for summer 2023, we are looking at how we can utilise our outdoor spaces more. A recent trend that is becoming increasingly popular and allowing people to use their outdoor space more often is by introducing an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor entertaining has evolved so much in the past few years, and this growth is not done yet. Outdoor kitchens not only add style and dimension to a space, but they also add practicality and functionality.

Wide range of appliances available

With the increase in popularity of outdoor kitchens there are now more types and styles of appliances available than ever before. Ultimately, this is the hardest decision to make as you want your outdoor kitchen to be practical as well as looking stylish. Gas grills are very popular as they are ideal for cooking large amounts of food quickly and evenly. Other popular appliances include pizza ovens, outdoor fridges and warming drawers.

Multi-purpose space

Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to just be used for cooking, it will also become a space for hosting and entertaining. Simply adding a dining area with beautiful outdoor kitchen furniture or an island with comfortable bar stools that your guests can gather round, creates a functional space that doubles up as an entertaining area. Which means you can carry on cooking a delicious meal whilst still enjoying the company of your guests.

Outdoor bar

To take your outdoor kitchen to the next level, think about adding an outdoor bar. Not only will this be very popular with your guests, but it also means you will have everything you need to hand and won’t have to keep stepping inside. Making it easy to entertain guests while having all your supplies neatly stored away close by.

Design considerations

There are a few important design decisions to take into account when choosing your outdoor kitchen. Think about the material you are going to be using, can it withstand the elements and the weather year-round and is it a sustainable material that is going to be long-lasting? You also need to consider how much space you are working with as you don’t want to end up overcrowding the area and having nowhere to host. This will allow you to determine which appliances are going to fit best and if and how to incorporate some built in storage.

Oxley’s Luxor Double Sofa and Coffee Table

Bring the inside outdoors

Your outdoor kitchen should be just as inviting and relaxing as your indoor kitchen. Creating a space that allows guests to be involved in the meal prep ad socialise with everyone. Add some bar stools to the island or bar area and create a cosy sofa area for people to adjourn to for after dinner cocktails. Having a range of luxury outdoor furniture for guests to enjoy at different point of the evening will elevate their experience and create a homely feel to your outdoor space.

Outdoor kitchens are a must have for 2023. Bringing style and class to your outdoor space whilst adding multiple levels of functionality. It will become the newest hot spot for friends and family and let you host people whilst allowing you to be present and involved throughout the evening.

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