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Oxley's Bespoke Outdoor Furniture


All Oxley’s luxury outdoor furniture is made bespoke to each customer. With orders for Oxley’s coming in all shapes, sizes and colours it means that no two orders are the same. We ensure that our furniture is made to suit the space, no matter the size or the style, as we work with our customers to create their exact unique vision. Creating bespoke furniture can mean simply matching the furniture to a specific RAL colour to match an existing colour scheme. But it can also mean designing and manufacturing a completely new furniture as a singular one off..

We often have customers come to us with exact measurements that they need their dining table to be to fit a specific space. After deciding which design and collection our customer wants, we incorporate the original pattern of the design into a brand new and unique table. Pictured below is an example of a bespoke Sienna table we made for a customer in London with a specific requirement for a very large square table. Made as one solid piece this table required a careful delivery plan to ensure it reached the customer safely.

Custom size and shape Sienna table

As well as altering the size of the table, we can also alter the shape of the table. We recently worked on a project where the customer loved our Scroll design but wanted a rectangular table. Due to our Scroll range only having tables in a circular or oval shape, we custom made two sets of outdoor furniture that allowed them to have the Scroll design in two different sized tables in the shape they wanted. An example of this set is shown below. In fact, the Oxley’s team loved it so much that this shape will be part of our standard range in 2024.

Custom made rectangular Scroll 6 seater table

We know that often the outdoor space is the last thing you think of when decorating or designing a space. Therefore, colour schemes have already been chosen and it can be hard to find outdoor furniture that ties in with the existing theme. This is why we don’t limit our customers choices when it comes to furniture colours and fabrics. We have our standard range of colourful outdoor furniture, which gives our customers a starting point as we know the choice can be overwhelming, but we can match to any and all colour schemes. We can match our furniture to any RAL colour and our cushions can be made from any of the world’s outdoor fabric suppliers. With endless colour combinations available, our bespoke outdoor furniture can be completely unique to each customer and blend seamlessly in with existing colour schemes.

Custom colour Scroll loungers

Further from this, we can also repaint your furniture or make new cushions if you are wanting to redecorate. Meaning you don’t have to get rid of your outdoor furniture and buy new to make it fit in with a new colour scheme. We can simply bring your furniture back to our factory, strip the furniture back to bare metal and refinish it in your new chosen colour. This not only allows you to create a new look with your furniture but also offers the sustainable option by reducing waste.

Finding bespoke outdoor furniture that is completely right for your outdoor space can be hard, but we at Oxley’s work closely with our private customers, designers and hotels to create outdoor furniture that best suits their space. Bringing to life the vision they have created in their minds. Oxley’s will continue to make completely bespoke outdoor furniture to keep creating beautifully unique outdoor spaces.

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Oxley’s 10 Year Buy Back Guarantee

In order to further our sustainability efforts, we will buy any piece of furniture you have bought from us within 10 years of you buying it, for half its original price. Terms and conditions apply.
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