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Sustainable Gardens in 2023


Oxley’s has been manufacturing sustainable garden furniture for over 30 years and takes great interest in other sustainable ideas for outdoor use. Creating an outdoor space that is mutually beneficial for people, wildlife, and the environment. 2023 looks to continue the ever-growing importance of sustainability in the garden and taking individual responsibility for our planet.

Sustainable garden furniture

It is unsurprising that we would talk about sustainable garden furniture first as our 30 years of experience allows us to talk about the benefits with confidence. Until very recently, design, comfort and practicality were the only things that customers considered when buying luxury garden furniture. This is now changing, and people are thinking more about the sustainable aspects of each material garden furniture is made from. Over recent years, plastic woven furniture has been a fashionable choice for garden furniture. However, this material is not a sustainable option and will unfortunately all end up in landfill, adding to the plastic mountain of waste. Opting for a sustainable material for your garden furniture, like aluminium, helps reduce individual impact on the environment. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and allows people to take responsibility for the garden furniture’s end of life. Making this one simple choice and choosing luxury aluminium garden furniture helps reduce the impact on the environment, reducing the amount of waste coming from gardens.

Oxley’s Sustainable Barrington 4 Seater Set

More plants

Having as many plants in the garden as possible is advantageous for many reasons. Plants have always been very important to both people and the atmosphere as they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and produce the oxygen that we breathe. They also regulate water resources and provide a source of energy. Planting as many trees as possible in the space that you have is always therapeutic as their growth echoes the stages of life. Not only do they have many environmentally benefits but they also bring colour and beauty to your garden, both joyful to look at and environmentally friendly.

Natural swimming ponds

If you are fortunate enough to be in the position to have a swimming pool in your garden, building a natural one can have many benefits. As well as the much-reported benefits of wild swimming, the chemical free, natural pools are cleaned by plants and are a great adventure for children and a wonderful habitat for the wildlife in your garden. A fantastically sustainable and fun space for people, plants and wildlife.

Go organic

Going organic both in your garden and in your kitchen is a key aspect of sustainability in your home and garden. It reduces the amount of chemicals being used which is better for both the environment and the wildlife. Composting your own food waste and using natural soils to grow your own plants and vegetables is a great way to start going organic in your garden.

A sustainable garden is a must have for 2023. From sustainable garden furniture to natural swimming pools, there are so many ways to improve your garden for the people, the wildlife and the environment. A few small changes can make such a big difference over time.

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