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What is the Best Material for Garden Furniture in Hotels?


People often ask, “What is the most durable material for outdoor furniture in hotels?” For those that are not immersed in the manufacturing world of outdoor furniture, and who specify outdoor hotel furniture infrequently, choosing the best solution for a hotel must be daunting. When choosing outdoor hotel furniture, it is not only about the design and look of the furniture but also its ability to remain looking pristine over the long term, in other words its durability. The material from which it is constructed needs to be able to endure the constant stream of guests enjoying its use.

The material you opt for needs to be unaffected by the weather so it can be left outside all year round. Having worked with some of the best luxury hotels in the world, our experience gives us the knowledge to confidently say that aluminium is the best solution for outdoor hotel furniture. We have been manufacturing sustainable aluminium outdoor furniture for over 30 years and know just how robust and durable it is in the most demanding commercial locations.


As in all businesses, our customers expect us now to look at the sustainability of the products we specify. Oxley’s aluminium outdoor furniture is totally sustainable. It is all made from recycled aluminium and at the end of a long life it can be completely recycled again. This is in stark contrast to woven plastic which even if it is made of recycled plastic, not much of it is, can never be recycled again. All of it will end up in land fill.

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When aluminium is properly treated it is completely weatherproof, no matter where in the world it is situated or how bad the weather conditions are. So, whether your hotel is in Ireland or Dubai, high quality aluminium will withstand whatever the weather throws at it. This means it can be left outside all year round and will still be completely sound for whenever guests want to use it.


Investing in high quality aluminium outdoor furniture for your hotel will be more cost effective in the long term. Buying a cheaper option will obviously be a lower upfront capital cost but the constant maintenance and repairs will soon make this an expensive option. Oxley’s furniture is designed to last for generations and is extremely robust and durable which, combined with our unique buy back guarantee, allows you to invest in high quality, sustainable furniture completely risk free.

Maintenance free

Aluminium is also completely maintenance free. Unlike steel and iron, it does not rust and will not start to rot and decay like plastic and wood. It can be left outside all year, every year without any maintenance and will look just as good as it did when you first bought it. So, when the warmer weather comes back around, it will take no time at all to have your outdoor seating areas ready for use.

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Intricate designs

Manufacturing aluminium in a way that uses a combination of castings and profiles allows for the most intricate and beautiful designs. A lot of materials are very limited with the designs available and are made on mass. However, with aluminium it lets you create something that is wonderful and unique. Allowing you to find the perfect design to match the aesthetic of your hotel and choose what fits best.

Colour options

With the powder coating treatment used for aluminium furniture, it means you can opt for a range of wonderful colours. At Oxley’s we can match our furniture to any RAL colour, offering a truly bespoke option to ensure you, as a hotel, get what is right for you. With most other materials you are very limited as to what colours you can choose from, with the majority only offering grey, white or black.

Outdoor hotel furniture needs to not only look stunning but has to be practical and durable. Which is why aluminium is the best material to use for garden furniture in a hotel. Not only does it have a number of practical benefits, but it will also add style and elegance to any outdoor space. Allowing you to create something truly unique for your guests to enjoy all year round.

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