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For over 30 years Oxley's have been manufacturing the most beautiful and long lasting outdoor furniture imagineable

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Why Invest in Oxley's Luxury Outdoor Furniture?


When it comes to Oxley’s Furniture the old saying “you get what you pay for in life” is particularly appropriate. Our luxury outdoor furniture is more expensive than most aluminium furniture, although not all, but for good reason. The way in which we construct our sustainable furniture is a complex activity that requires great skill and attention to detail, it is not a process that can be rushed or done with cheap components. We ensure that our customers are getting the highest quality possible.

Built to last generations

Our sustainable outdoor furniture is made in a way that it will last for generations, designed to outlive every one of us. We guarantee that you will only need to buy Oxley’s furniture once. Therefore, if you consider the price of our furniture as an investment over 25 years, it is extremely good value for money. Combined with our unique buy back guarantee, we ensure that our customers can own the luxury outdoor furniture they want completely risk free.

Oxley’s Scroll Sofa Set

Highest quality

One of the reasons that our furniture is so long lasting is is because we use the highest quality materials and a state-of-the-art finishing process. Each piece of furniture that we make is constructed as one over numerous hours from many individual profiles and sand castings. For over 30 years we have been putting all our time and effort into ensuring that each piece is totally weatherproof, wherever in the world it is situated, and completely maintenance free. You will never regret investing in Oxley’s Furniture.

Maintenance free

Not only will your Oxley’s furniture last for generations, in this time you will not need any continual maintenance to keep it looking good. The way we treat and prepare the aluminium furniture ensures that it is completely maintenance free wherever in the world it is situated. It can be left outside all year round and when the warmer weather comes back around, your furniture is ready for use with no notice needed. Once you have bought your furniture, there will be no future maintenance costs.

Oxley’s Artemis 10 Seater Set

Kind to the planet

Our furniture is also made in the most sustainable way possible. So not only are you investing in outdoor furniture that will last for generations, but also furniture that is kind to the planet. All our pieces are made from 100% recycled aluminium and are infinitely recyclable. This means that our furniture will never end up in landfill and we can use our customers old aluminium furniture to create new luxury aluminium garden furniture. We ensure that we take responsibility for the whole life cycle of our products. Not only will you be investing in the highest quality outdoor furniture, but you will also be doing your bit for the planet and reducing the amount of waste coming out of gardens.

Whilst the price of our luxury outdoor furniture can be a bit of shock, once you see the amount of time and effort that goes into creating the best outdoor furniture you can understand why. Our furniture is an investment that will benefit all the family, passed down through generations for memories to be created by everyone.

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Made uniquely for you

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Oxley’s 10 Year Buy Back Guarantee

In order to further our sustainability efforts, we will buy any piece of furniture you have bought from us within 10 years of you buying it, for half its original price. Terms and conditions apply.
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