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Traditional English Garden Furniture

Enhancing The Outside Environment With Colour


Oxley’s have always made traditional English garden furniture for our customers in exactly the colour they want it to be. This means that we make extremely vibrant and colourful outdoor furniture, creating a stunning addition to our customer’s outdoor spaces.

Colour has always been part of the creation process for outdoor spaces. When we see the marvels of ancient Greece and Rome we think of the remaining statues as being pure, gleaming white marble. That is how they are now, after millennia of weathering. But when they were originally put up it is probable that they were painted in bright and vibrant colours, as many of these statues have paint residues found on them. From the nomadic native American tribes with their totem poles to the Aztecs of Central America and ancient Chinese civilisation, people have always wanted their outside structures to be colourful. And why wouldn’t they?

Oxley’s Casa Range

At the most verdant time of year, the surrounding nature screamed colour at them. Everything abundant was colourful, colour in the natural environment is part of human consciousness and we love it. We love the brightly coloured flowers in our gardens, our climbing roses, our beds of lavender and peonies. So it has always seemed perfectly natural to us that our customers should want to choose to have their traditional English garden furniture in vibrant colour. The massive growth in the availability of multicoloured and patterned outdoor fabrics over the last three decades has created limitless possibilities in what can be created for each outdoor space, spaces that should be exactly how people want them.

It remains a mystery why other outdoor furniture manufacturers predominately offer their customers outdoor furniture in black, brown or beige. Adding colour to your outdoor space allows you to add style and personality to it, just like you would inside your home. Bringing these colours outside or going for a contrasting look, will add depth and intrigue to your space. Either using colour for your traditional outdoor dining furniture or something a little less permanent such as interchanging cushions that can be switched out depending on the season.

Oxley’s Scroll Lounge Chair

The things you can do with colour in your outdoors is endless, from incorporating colour into your traditional English garden furniture to colourful cushion pads and scatter cushions. It is time to move away from bland and plain colours and bring some colour to your outdoors!

Traditional English Garden Furniture

Creating stunning luxury garden furniture sets for hotels, restaurants and businesses around the world is what we’re best at. We’ve been producing elegant, robust and durable luxury outdoor furniture for over thirty years.

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