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How Oxley's is Moving Towards a Totally Circular Business Model


For over 30 years Oxley’s have been making our beautiful eco-friendly outdoor furniture out of re-cycled aluminium. From our start-up we have always wanted our UK based business and outdoor furniture to be as sustainable as possible and as time has moved on this ambition has grown. We now see no reason why eventually we become as much a service business as a cast aluminium furniture manufacturer. Our ambition is to become truly circular and a true advocate of the circular economy. A circular economy demonstrates the process of using, consuming, restoring and reusing raw products or materials thus extending a products life cycle, or in Oxley’s case, ensuring our eco-friendly outdoor furniture has no end of life.

A circular economy moves businesses away from a ‘take, make, waste’ economy and ensures they take responsibility for their products, benefitting the environment, customers, and the business.

sustainable outdoor furniture uk

Historically, operating in a truly sustainable way has not been commercially viable for many businesses. However, the growing climate crisis has changed this, and sustainability is no longer a nice addition, but an essential. Consumers are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, and they expect companies to share these values. Becoming a more sustainable business can feel daunting, however focussing on creating a circular business presents a solution from both a resourcing and financial perspective.

Sustainability has always been at the core of what we do at Oxley’s Furniture, with this decision having become more and more important in recent years. Using 100% recycled aluminium saves 95% of the energy to create new aluminium, and due to it being infinitely recyclable it can be used over and over again and won’t lose its quality.

From 30 years’ experience we have complete empirical evidence that our furniture is as robust and enduring as we originally designed it to be. Inspired by our experiences of buying back our 30-year-old furniture (there is a secondary market in Oxley’s furniture) we created a unique 10 year buy back guarantee to ensure we could work in a truly circular way. This guarantee means that once you have owned your Oxley’s furniture for a year, we will buy it back from you for half the original purchase price up to 10 years after purchase. We then take our sustainable outdoor furniture back to our own UK factory, repurpose it and give it a new home. For our customers, this means they can own the furniture they want risk free. For us, it means we can source our own highest quality materials directly from our customers. For the environment it means less energy is used and less waste produced.

Luxury Garden Furniture - sustainable outdoor furniture uk
Oxley’s 8 seater Artemis Set

Implementing a circular economy is a simple way to act as a sustainable business and ensure you are creating the least amount of waste possible. It is a business’s job to take responsibility for the whole life span of their products and a circular business model shows proof of this. One day perhaps we will become so circular that we don’t need to manufacture new furniture at all, we will effectively rent our furniture for fixed amounts of time before bringing it back to our factory for renewal before it is rented to new customers. Eventually renting rather than owning and therefore cherishing the earth’s resources, is perhaps an answer for all of us who wish to leave the earth habitable for future generations.

Our Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

We believe that luxury should not come at the cost of sustainability, that’s why all our sustainable garden furniture is produced from 100% recycled aluminium. Along with our lifetime guarantee, we also provide restoration services and a leading re-buy scheme for all our luxury garden furniture, contributing to a truly circular economy. 

If you’re looking to make an impression without it costing the earth, then get in touch!

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Oxley’s 10 Year Buy Back Guarantee

In order to further our sustainability efforts, we will buy any piece of furniture you have bought from us within 10 years of you buying it, for half its original price. Terms and conditions apply.
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