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New Petrosphere luxury outdoor garden furniture range stuns at Chelsea Flower Show!


Visitors to Chelsea Flower Show were so captivated by Oxley’s new Petrosphere luxury outdoor furniture range that orders were taken just days after launch. Offering a modern twist on Neolithic design, the new range is classic yet contemporary with an element of playfulness… 

Chelsea Flower Show Luxury Garden Furniture Success!

Launching a new range of luxury design outdoor furniture at Chelsea Flower Show is not for the faint-hearted. But luckily, visitors to Chelsea Flower Show were captivated by Oxley’s new range. So much so, that orders were taken onsite, just days after launch.

“When we launch a new range of outdoor garden furniture, it normally takes a while to build up interest,” says Oxley’s Managing Director, Simon Hudson. “But people really liked the tactile feel of our new Petrosphere sets and commented on the comfort of the seats. This meant that we sold some of our dining sets straight away, which is a great start for a new furniture launch.”

What Inspired the New Outdoor Furniture Design?

When it comes to designing luxury aluminium garden furniture sets, Simon is never short of inspiration. And for Oxley’s latest collection, that inspiration came from his interest in ancient artefacts. 

The new Petrosphere furniture range is inspired by the enigmatic stone spheres left behind by the Neolithic peoples of the British Isles. “It fascinated me that these ancient people went to the trouble of carving intricate patterns in stone just for the sake of it,” says Simon. “They must have enjoyed the texture and the reassurance the finished stones gave. From this thought sprang my initial idea for the chair armrest, to have a Petrosphere-like sphere that can be held and played with as you sit and relax in the chair.”

What are Petrospheres?

Petrospheres are neolithic stones that have been around for centuries, in some cases as early as 4000 BC. They have long captivated archaeologists trying to establish what they were used for. Ranging from 7-14 cm in diameter and often carved in granite, it is thought they could have been used as symbols of communication, power, weaponry or as something that was comforting to handle and play with. It was this latter idea that became the inspiration for the new furniture range.

These curious stones are an integral feature in the new outdoor furniture design. The Petrosphere dining table top is a direct representation of one of the most richly carved and intricate petropshere’s ever found. Other petrosphere designs form a key detail on the armrests of the chairs, sofas and lounge chairs. As well as looking timelessly elegant, they offer a sense of enhanced comfort and relaxation when gripped and handled.

The new Petrosphere furniture range is available in 3 sizes consisting of a round table, lounge chairs, sofa and coffee table.

Why choose Oxley’s Petrosphere furniture?

With the successful launch of the new furniture range at Chelsea Flower Show, it would seem that petrospheres are still captivating people today as much as they did 5000 years ago! But there are plenty of other reasons why people choose Oxley’s luxury outdoor furniture:

  • Outdoor Furniture Designed to Last a Lifetime

Oxley’s furniture is designed and built to be as timeless as the Petrospheres themselves. Produced by craftsmen using top quality recycled aluminium, the furniture can be left outdoors all year round and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

All of Oxley’s  luxury aluminium garden furniture sets are hand-made using traditional techniques by skilled craftsmen. That means each part of the furniture is first individually cast in sand moulds then welded together to produce furniture that is strong and durable. To achieve the superior Oxley’s look and feel, the finished items are sand-blasted to remove any rough edges before being primed at high temperature and painted by hand.

  • Unique Pieces for Unique Places

This method of production creates luxury aluminium garden furniture sets that are all completely unique. As the sand castings can only be used once, every single piece of Oxley’s garden furniture is a one-off. 

Oxley’s customers are equally unique and items are exported from Oxley’s factory in the Cotswolds to private residences around the world. Oxley’s furniture collections can also be found in a number of boutique hotels which value the brand’s timeless design, sustainability and lifetime guarantee.

  • Conveniently Maintenance-Free, All-Year Round

Just like the petrospheres all those years ago, the new range of furniture can be left outside all year round. Thanks to the focus on artisan production processes and manufacturing techniques, Oxley’s luxury outdoor furniture is inherently strong, durable and weather resistant.    

Want to own your own unique piece of history?

Whether it’s the new Petrosphere range or items from one of Oxley’s luxury aluminium garden furniture collections, when you choose Oxley’s outdoor furniture, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means your outdoor furniture will be good for generations to come. To find out more about our lifetime guarantee promise, please speak to one of our team.


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